Posing tips | Two

Welcome back, Lovelies! Here we go with the second installment of posing tips. I will be sharing what i’ve learned over the years in hopes that it helps you feel more confident in front or behind the lens of a camera.

One pose that constantly challenged me was the arms over the neck, especially during an engagement or wedding portrait session. this pose is great to bring couples closer but from what I’ve learned, it fits everyone differently, but i didn’t think to change it – until i started really seeing my clients, reading their body language and listening to what their bodies were telling me. now, i approach this pose differently and was stunned how a small change in arm/hand position transformed this pose.

rather than have both arms of one partner around the other person’s neck, move the arm closest to the camera either across the chest or upper arm of their partner. in doing so, the person who is being wrapped won’t be “closed off” by their partner’s embrace, it also takes the focus off the arm closest to the camera and offers a more comfortable position without sacrificing the closeness of the lovebirds.

granted, i love good ol’ fashion passionate arms around the neck snuggle and kiss…so like every other pose in creation, it’s different for everyone and every situation. but knowing how to pose so you or your client is comfortable is a solid foundation to feeling comfortable. When your comfortable, that’s when the magic happens. and, that my friends, is why I am here. To make those I interact with feel welcome and comfortable so we can create magic together.

What do you think? What’s your favorite pose with your partner? I’d love to connect and learn from you too!

The location for these images is absolutely incredible and the only clothing-optional beach along the shores of Lake Tahoe. As always, when visiting these pristine areas, please practice leave it better.

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